Dallas, TX (July 25, 2019) – Maveneer® is excited to announce the addition of Nick Thomas to our rapidly growing team at Maveneer.  In his role as Engineering Consultant, Nick will help us serve our Clients better, solve problems more creatively, more quantitively, and with greater speed than other firms and integrators in this space.

Prior to Maveneer, Nick had the invaluable experience of both running fulfillment operations for Wal-Mart eCommerce, and also leading large engineering efforts on behalf of Wal-Mart eCommerce through conceptual design, supplier selection, implementation, testing, go-live and long-term performance of large, complex material handling and industrial automation projects.

“Our Clients expect our teams to solve tough problems with uncommon creativity, science, analytical rigor, and common sense.  Recruiting is the most important initiative within Maveneer to ensure the continued success of our Clients, and thereby ourselves.  The quality of our work is a direct reflection of the quality of the individuals we bring onboard.  Nick’s addition to the team has significantly advanced the breadth and depth of Maveneer’s capabilities,” said Chad Hallerman, Founder and CEO at Maveneer.

About Maveneer

Maveneer is an engineering design firm that specializes in the design and implementation of distribution center and manufacturing operations, both new and retrofit.  Our teams possess expertise in industrial process design and industrial automation. We also have the expertise and operations background to successfully implement our recommendations and identify and manage risk along the way, ensuring intended benefits are realized.

We design from a first-principles, “what’s the best possible solution” mindset, which results in innovative and cost advantaged operations for our Clients. Often, this means assembling standard methods or technologies in unique ways that provide distinct advantages.

‘Business case’ is integrated in everything we do.

Contact: info@www.maveneer.com